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Covid-19 measurements



In compliance with the rules of social distancing to minimize the risk of direct contagion between people, below you will find the measures adopted at the Portocanet Tourist Complex.

1. Upon check-in, you will receive general information on the rules of use of the facilities and the establishment's policy on prevention of COVID-19 (hours, capacity, service restrictions).

It is important to keep the safety distance, for this you will find specific signage of 2m in all common areas as well as specific signage of the measures to be taken (use of mask, hand disinfection).

The reception will have the measures of separation of clients and staff. The entire space will be disinfected and sanitized and clients will have gel and gloves at their disposal to sign the different entry documents.

Payment by card or contactless device will be favored.

We will avoid paper as much as possible by sending the invoice by email.

2. The apartment will be delivered clean and disinfected on arrival and the cleaning protocol will be carried out on departure for the new client.

A change of lingerie will be made on the fourth day of stay. If during your stay you need any extra attention, you can request it at the reception.

3. In the apartment you will find a cleaning kit containing a cloth, a scouring pad and a dishwasher.

4. The use of elevators will be restricted for one person or for occupants of the same apartment and the waiting area will be signposted.

5. They will have at their disposal hand sanitizing gel in all the common areas of the complex.

6. The importance of respecting the social distance of 2m is reiterated and for this purpose the distance is indicated on the ground. In any case, it is advisable to use masks in common areas.

7. The pool will have a restricted schedule and capacity that will be updated in accordance with the official regulations in force at all times.

8. The Canet de Berenguer City Council will have an App to reserve the use of the beach. The establishment of two shifts is planned, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The beach will be subdivided, assigning each family the corresponding space. Portocanet will have a reservation code for its clients that guarantees them a daily space on the beach in one of the two shifts.

9. In the same App you can book sports and leisure activities on the beach. (Yoga, cubba, jumping, ballroom dancing etc. and the weekly film session)

10. Likewise, in the restaurant and cafeteria, the service will be provided in accordance with the specific regulations in force at all times.

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